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Furoshiki cloth 50x50 - Tsuyu


Furoshiki 50x50 - Tsuyu Expand

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Furoshiki 50x50 - Tsuyu (rainy season)

A furoshiki with cute prints reminding the rainy season: hydrangeas, rabbits in yukata carrying umbrellas, a frog basking in the rain, and of course "Teru teru bozu" on the furoshiki edges.
Teru teru bozu are little dolls, shaped like ghosts and made of white paper or cloth. People, especially children, hang them outside of the windows on a rainy day and then sing a traditional song where they ask for the doll to chase the rain, and bring the sun for the next day.

Size: 50 x 50cm
100 % cotton

A Furoshiki is a square piece of cloth, which people used to carry their clothes and toiletries, but later came to be used to carry (or wrap) just about anything. Today furoshiki lost its popularity as a practical everyday item, but remains a cultural traditional and aesthetic value and is still widely use to wrap presents.
You can use it like this or simply as a decoration item (wall hanging, wine holder, table cloth) or a fashion accessory.

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