Security and Secure Payments

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The website can be reach via the https protocol with an encryption key of 2048 bit.

Direct credit card payments are made through the Crédit Agricole bank website in encrypted mode, using their Up2Pay e-transactions system.
Up2Pay e-transactions uses 3D Secure technology that strengthens the identification of the buyer. An encrypted key is automatically sent to your bank which send you back a code via email or SMS to confirm your identity.
At no time Japonmania Sarl has access to your card number. Furthermore, n
o information on the details of your purchase is sent to CUp2Pay e-transactions. Only the total amount and the order number are transmitted by Japonmania Sarl to CM-CIC p@iement.

Payments made via PayPal are processed on PayPal secure servers in encrypted mode.
At no time Japonmania Sarl has access to your card number or banking information stored on your Paypal account.

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