Bento Lunch Boxes

Bento Lunch Boxes

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Get directly from Japan beautiful and handy Bento lunch boxes for your quick lunches or picnics.

Traditional or modern, small or large capacity, you can certainly find here the bento lunch box you need. You will also find by clicking HERE selection of useful bento's accessories that will help you carry your bento lunch box, and help you prepare or decorate your bento lunch.

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  • Bento Lunch box - Nuri Wappa

    Bento Lunch box - Nuri Wappa Size: about 17 x 9.5 x 8.5 cmThe box is divided into 2 compartments of 450ml each for a total volume of 900ml.Also includes : One inner hermetic lid. A fastening belt. Can be put in a micro-waves and dishwasher, except the outside top cover and inside lid.Bento box materials: Outside cover with urethane based paint. Bento box...

  • Jûbako Bento Lunch box 3-tier - Gold and silver leafs

    Jûbako Bento Lunch box 3-tier (sandanjû) - Gold and silver leafs A serving box and a stunning decorative item. Traditionally Jûbako are new-year stacking lunch boxes, but it can as easily be use as a bento lunchbox, for decoration or - why not - for storing cherished small items. This tiered serving box is decorated with traditional Japanese gold leafs...