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  • Misty Bouquet Pop Color

    Misty Bouquet Pop Color The Misty Bouquets, are environmental friendly air humidifiers. Colorful, with a cool design, they run without any electricity. Their yield is 10 times that of a simple cup of water left in the open air (manufacturer test made against a cup of φ52 and 100cc in a room at 25°C and 25% humidity).Features: Size: 15 x 14.5 x 20 cm...

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  • Summer scene Natsu Monogatari – Boy

    Summer scene Natsu Monogatari – Boy A cute scene, typical of summer time. A boy wearing a yukata (summer cotton kimono) is taking some fresh air outside, while eating a juicy watermelon. After he had taken his geta (sandals) off to get more comfortable, he is now seating on a small wooden bench, with a fan on his sides. The scene also features asago...

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