Furisode kimono - Shiborizome - Floral and clouds motifs



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Purple shiborizome silk Furisode Kimono with floral motifs.

Note: Furisode kimonos are distinctive because of their longer sleeves. They are typically worn by unmarried women's especially when celebrating their coming of age at 20.

A gorgeous furisode kimono, made of brocaded silk fabric. It features large clouds motifs, made using the Shiborizome dyeing technique.
Other motifs have been dyed over using the Kinsai Yuzen dyeing technique, while some are also partially embroidered with silk yarns, such as the center of some of the chrysanthemums (kiku).

Shiborizome, or tie-dying is the method of gathering portions of the fabric areas by sewing or wrapping tightly and then dyeing.
Kinsai Yuzen
dyeing technique. It associates the traditional yuzen technique with gold leaf application, often used to embossed the patterns edges and give some depth.

Lining: Hakkake made of brocaded silk / Dôura made of polyester

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